TK7 Solutions, llc .... why?

The Origin of Our Name


Many people have asked, "where did the company name originate?  Does the TK stand for the owner's names?"  Well, the short answer is "yes and no".  While there was thinking originally of a name that incorporated the initials of the company owners, a search of names currently in use kept leading to a dead-end.  Coming to those continuous dead-ends lead to discussions of what the company wanted to give as services, and the values it wanted to add to business partners in what it could actually bring to the table.  Words like synergy, service, production, increase, partner, and other words for working together were considered until by some divine intervention the word Kinetic came to the forefront.  Agreement had already been made to use True in the business name.  When the owners started looking at the word Kinetic... well, you can't improve on Merriam-Webster can you?  The short definition is:  "of or relating to the motion of material bodies and the forces and energy associated therewith".... [and here's a link to even more definitions:  Links to Kinetic definitions }, 


TK7 Solutions wants to be a catalyst and synthesize with its clients to improve on their processes either through building, adding-on, correcting, or fine-tuning processes and procedures.   It truly is a kinetic relationship that is being sought.


The full company name is True Kinetic 7 Solutions, LLC.  Some photos and images that were found to represent kinetic energy were represented by Newton's Cradle, which is what is incorporated into the business logo.  You know, the 5-7 balls that hang down and if one is swung out and hits the one nearest to it the one on the far end flies out and then comes back and the motion is continued for some time until the original inertia is dissipated?  See the photo on the right?  That is representative of the invention made by Sir Isaac Newton [ links for Sir Isaac Newton ], called "Newton's Cradle".  It exhibits and supports Sir Isaac's 3 laws of motion that assert:


  1. A stationary body will stay stationary unless an external force is applied to it.
  2. Force is equal to mass times acceleration, and a change in motion (i.e., change in speed) is proportional to the force applied.
  3. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.  

Keeping a business moving with activity that will make it sustainable and generate cash flow is critical and essential to any and every business.  TK7 Solutions would like to be a chosen, synergistic, force-of-motion, to help businesses accelerate proportionally and keep in motion.  


One of many of Sir Isaac's most famous quotes is, "If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants." (Isaac Newton, 1675).  We all want that "leg up" to see farther and to excel. Newton wanted to see farther and as such he invented the first reflecting telescope.   TK7 too wants to be able to see you, and us, farther into a successful future!  [There are many accomplishments attributed to Sir Isaac as he also gave the world the theory of gravity and too many other things to go into here so enjoy using the links above for more about him.]  


The next question is "what about the "7" in the TK7 name?  Where did that originate?"

Well, the 7 in TK7 came about for several reasons.  First of all, it is a number that the company just has a fondness for.  In the Holy Bible the number 7 signifies completion. By no coincidence it is also the date that the company owners were betrothed. There are 7 days in the week and everyone gets to rest on the 7th day, etc.  so those were just a few of the reasons it was considered.  Ultimately however,  it was chosen because of the company's service-marked, TK7 steps of finding effective solutions for its clients.  


Much like a secret recipe with "11 herbs and spices" (that everyone is probably familiar with) or the infamous "secret sauce" much touted in commercials etc.,  TK7 too has a signature, proven method, that incorporates many theories and techniques that are taught in many classes, by numerous professors, in many prestigious business schools world-wide.  That's it, and TK7 looks forward to applying the principles and steps to helping your business rev-up, take off and soar!  That's all that can and is cared to be said about that!  To know more you are just going to have to schedule an appointment to meet with one of their representatives and experience the service-marked 7 steps yourself!  


There you have it!  True Kinetic 7 Solutions, LLC,  d/b/a TK7 Solutions, LLC.  Hopefully that helps you feel like you know TK7 Solutions a little better. They surely look forward to getting to know you and your business better too!  


Here's to a great and profitable business relationship!  


True Kinetic 7 Solutions, LLC